Asya Scenography Asya's journey started off in room 459 of the Maternity section at the Spirka Ohrid Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria. It didn't take her long to find out she was heading for a life dedicated to the arts. Asya travelled several academic milestones, obtaining diploma's in textile design, scenography and finally Original Visual Performance Design, the latter being based on the theatrical experiments of the Theatre of Futurism, Bauhaus school, Contextual Theatre and the 'Plastic' Theatre of Images. Asya has made many stopovers during her professional life: decor art for films ranging from underground art movies to major blockbusters, interior design for festivals, fashion shows and corporate parties, stage and costume design for prestigious ballet productions, photo shoots for fashion and music, 2D and 3D animation for short films, advertisement and educational purposes and so on. In her luggage she carries along a thorough knowledge of the CS package, as well as ToomBoom Storyboard, 3D Max (incl. Krakatoa, Particle Flow, FumeFX and CAT) and Combustion, built upon strong paper-and-pencil skills.

Asya lives and works by the principle that the wider one's horizon, the better the perspective. She is driven by aesthetics, innovation and cross-pollination.

So, hop on board, enjoy the ride, look out the window and get off where you feel like, to go and discover Asya's work. And don't be afraid to drop a line!